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I'm using an 8-track Bitwig. I am trying to simply make my Bitwig work with my different interfaces. Its the most simple task of any DAW. Setting up the Inputs and Outputs to match your interface should not give an issue in any version of any recording software, since its the key to any sound related software. After I confirmed that my (Mac OS X version 10.10.5) computer does in fact recognize my interface and can even play files through it, outside of Bitwig, I realized that there is a problem with my Bitwig. I opened other DAW's like Ableton and Pro Tools and they work perfectly with their outputs, making my interface show up in their outputs drop down menu, but with Bitwig it doesnt. I hope that somebody could help me out with making my interface show up as an available option. Its the simplest task, yet I cant seem to solve it out. I think I've tried all I had to try, but maybe I am missing something. I dont want to drop the Bitwig hype away just for a small thing. Thanks!!!! -David

Hmmm.... Some users had this problem with BWS 1.x which was using the PortAudio layer.

Then BWS 1.2 came with a new engine, and so far I have not read a user reporting his/her hardware not found.

Maybe Bitwig 8-track has not been updated? You may ask the support.


answered Nov 03 '15 at 00:21 by pakunoda (966)

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