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Hi all! Some time ago I used to play with Bitwig 1.0 demo on my Fedora laptop with Scarlet Focusrite 2i2. I liked it a lot and decided to buy it when I come to recording my stuff. Time passed, and I'm trying 1.3.1 demo before buying and I can't get sound working at all.

With Alsa driver I get 2 mono inputs: one is always at 0, the other is always at +600dB (!). Output works, however. With Jack driver I can't get any output. Qjackctl shows Jackd properly running and output properly connected. No sound at all. I manage to record something (at least it's not 0dB and +600dB), but I can't verify it's really my sound, not some noise.

It's Fedora 22 64 bit on Lenovo Thinkdpad T530, if that matters. I can confirm exactly the same setup (at least with Alsa) working in Bitwig 1.0, 1.1.11, Audicity and Ardour 4, so it should be something changed in sound engine. Looking forward to any hints.

I have finally figured this out. Please see my blog entry for a solution.


answered Feb 18 '17 at 04:10 by Entropy (31)

I had a similar experience, except after solving my problem I decided to buy it. For me selecting Alsa doesn't seem to work although it did a while back in an earlier demo, so I was forced to use Jack (which is preferable anyway), and then in order to get stable results I had to install a low-latency version of my ubuntu kernel (I was getting Xruns in jack that would halt Bitwig playback. Now it's all running smoothly).

Jack is a little trickier to setup however. Have you tried getting other jack connected software to make sound? You could try the Renoise demo for example. ( If that works, then it's definitely a Bitwig problem.


answered Nov 22 '15 at 01:31 by grimus (11)

Wow that's a great find, thanks for making the effort! I'm pretty sure I encountered that. Good detective work :)


answered Feb 18 '17 at 05:26 by grimus (11)

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