asked Nov 18 '15 at 04:38 by Civa (99)

With group tracks now available, and the Drum Machine, at least in mixer mode, always having been a group track, can we get the drum machine as a group track in arranger mode?

I have tried two ways to do this, but both leave no audio in the regions when a bounce occurs.

I have a process in mind that would be simple for your to program, I think, that results in the following:

Bitwig drum machine group track process

  • All drums and devices would go on separate tracks.
  • The midi info that puts them in their "note" location would be assigned to that track.
  • The devices in the drum machine (whatever modulators or devices are in the Drum Machine MASTER) could still stay in the machine, as the group track master, because the drum machine becomes the group track master, and graphically, it's still represented in the drum machine (you would still see the "pads" light up), but this allows you the freedom to manipulate each percussion instrument separate for effects, etc, within the timeline. (Example: Drawing in delay for a snare, without affecting any of the other instruments)

Can we get this to happen?

I believe it would be a simple fix to an already existing device, and would put Bitwig above other daws (Except maybe ONE) that don't already do this.


Drum chains are like groups but unfortunately have less flexibility and are not shown in arranger. If they formed tracks that were part of a group in the arranger instead then there could be automation lanes for each and it would be great to have the ability to further group tracks into parent groups to apply effects such as compression across more than one track. This would be good on the drum machine as well as multi-out VSTs and chains could be ditched. Alternatively some sort of utility to automatically generate the group with tracks that have audio receivers.


answered Jun 16 '18 at 09:56 by raveystabs (21)

You wrote:

I have tried two ways to do this, but both leave no audio in the regions when a bounce occurs

I am not sure I did the same thing than you did, but I could actually obtain a correct bounce (with the usual procedure): alt text

I used BWS 1.3.2


answered Nov 19 '15 at 09:25 by pakunoda (966)

edited Nov 19 '15 at 09:26

This is still a necessary feature, bitwig. Every daw has it, EXCEPT BITWIG.


answered Jan 17 at 01:37 by Civa (99)

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