asked Nov 20 '15 at 12:37 by IvanTes (11)

Hey guys! I've just checked out the FL Studio demo-limitations, and they seem much more suitable than Bitwig... The only limitation is that projects can be saved but can't be opened again. All other functions are fully unlocked (including even exporting in wav/mp3/ogg/midi). I see why the exporting feature may be questioned for the demo version, but don't you think that at least the ability to save your work would be really great? It would push more customers to purchasing the license if they can continue their project afterwards rather than starting from scratch after a couple of hours of their work was deleted due to some limitations...

It is true that you cannot save an entire project with Bitwig demo, but at least it is possible to save clips (clips are not limited to one bar) including settings (and automations, I believe), and reload these clips in a another demo session. And of course, re-use these clips after registration.

I agree this is not as straightforward as saving a project.


answered Nov 20 '15 at 22:06 by pakunoda (966)

Thanks, didn't know about it!

  — (Nov 21 '15 at 01:34) IvanTes

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