asked Nov 23 '15 at 17:09 by Bzerk (21)

Hello, I updated my Bitwig 1.1+ to 1.3.3 and could not select different devices for input and ouput. Before, I used an USB mixer as output and my guitar rack as input (Fractal AXE FX II) without problems. Now, If I select the Fractal for input and output, it just freeze the audio engine. A restart of the engine does not work better, I need to delete the track I selected for input from the Fractal. Selecting it just for input works. I can play music (but I had a crash once after 1 second of playing).

My setup is Ubuntu 15.10 and ALSA. When I start bitwig, I suspend pulseaudio with pasuspender.

My first question is how to select different devices for in and output. Second, if it is not possible any more (what?), how could I make my fractal work?

Using some test apps (pulseaudio mixer test) I see some input from the fractal, and output works, the device is properly seen as usb audio and seems operational.

I already try to make Jack work but I could not, it seems a complex process and require disinstalling the ubuntu audio stuff some other apps needs. Not cool. ALSA was much simpler and worked out of the box with 1.1+

So, would someone have any clue?



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