asked Nov 25 '15 at 11:09 by commonfruitsoundlab (71)

when moving clips between tracks the operation of undo is not available...

Known bug discussed on KVR forum, i think the real pain for devs is to be able to reproduce it, as it is pretty much a random occuring bug. As an exemple, the last time it happened for me, 2 clicks after the undo/redo came back alone. Save your project, and reload it. If it doesn't work, relaunch Bitwig and it's ok.



answered Nov 25 '15 at 15:10 by David_Boura (136)

BWS 2.1. I have tried relaunching my PC, and every other potential fix that I have found in this brilliant forum. And it's very annoying as you just start getting into a project when the UNDO/REDO stops functioning. Always approx 4/5 tracks with maybe half a minute and layered instruments...never Samples...I don't use Samples much. Please help. Is there anybody out there? Calling Bitwig World... Cheers. I do love Bitwig...veeeery much. Mind blowing stuff. All these (or as some like to say 99.9%!) issues are solveable quite easily. I have a design which does this. Which makes the future even closer than even Bitwig have done. Any questions, about this new design of mine, please feel free to contact me at: It's a little lie...the 99.9% quote. Nothing could fix ALL these forum issues. Even I know that. But what if I said that approximately 80% of the issues on this forum WOULD be fixed with my design! With a little thought, this is as staggering claim. One that I have obviously done some research...and given thought plebty of thought to. It is, if not THE future of music making, then one future. And I cannot see it being anything less than THE major future music OS. Analogy being Being in the airline industry. Cheers. Jamis


answered Jul 30 '17 at 18:57 by Jamis (11)

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