asked Dec 01 '15 at 19:31 by Guten-Tag (81)


Hallo. Ich möchte mir demnächst Bitwig Studio kaufen. Jedeoch schreckt mich die fehlende Auto Save Funktion ab.´, da ich von FL Studio komme und sie nicht mehr missen möchte. Ich denke vielen, die wechseln möchten geht es ebenso wenn ihre bisherige DAW diese Funktion hat.

Meine Frage ist ob dies eventuell geplant ist.

Vielen Dank

Hello. I want to buy Bitwig Studio soon. However scares me the missing autosave feature off, because I'm from FL Studio, and this is no longer want to miss. I think many people who want to switch, feel the same way.

My question is whether this is planned eventually.

Thank you.

defintely need this


answered Sep 06 '17 at 23:24 by josephdbae (61)

I think bitwig has a kind of autosave. When bitwig or my computer goes wrong and suddenly shut down and I reopen bitwig, it restores 99% of my works even when I forget to save anything. This happens even after a screen of death. If I am wrong please let me know.


answered Sep 11 '17 at 08:14 by cjb3549 (52)

As cjb3549 said: there is a kind of autosave. It restores the project you were working on, even if Windows crashes (BSOD, blackout...).

To antic604: I think that autosave function as we know in other software is really a problem. In the case of failure, what have you done and what's been saved? I think we can not be definitely sure of what's been saved and what's been not.

Bitwig comes along with a system that allows you to access to a non-finishing undo list which you can even use after saving a project. Yes, you can do whatever (let's say... 15 changes), save your project and immediately after, you can undo what you did... (let's say... 9 steps back) and save it again, or save as a copy...

And hey! I get so excited when I get some nice result in my squeezing of a melody or a pattern I often forget to push those lucky keys... so I LOVE Bitwig's capability of restoring and undo list. They're stunning!


answered Sep 15 '17 at 17:03 by eowar (125)

edited Sep 15 '17 at 17:05

I'm always torn about such features - for one (obviously) it's great to have a way to recover your work if something goes wrong, but on the other hand it has to be done really well: for example I'd be working on a project, making some changes which in the end I don't like so I don't save it. I'd hope that autosaves are deleted then and I can go back to the last version I personally saved.

Regardless, by now I'd imagine most people using computers for work hit the Ctrl+S mechanically after they've done something they want to preserve. I know I do :)


answered Sep 11 '17 at 11:27 by antic604 (673)

I ve lost all my night work tonight/ tomorning :(( First time in two years of using BW, but anyway, auto-save is from now for me a big need.

Edit few mins latter: Ha, work was recovered, anyway in this post-trauma, I would really welcome Auto-save.


answered Apr 25 '19 at 06:40 by Sigsally (25)

edited Apr 25 '19 at 06:49

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