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I'm coming over from a Logic background, and I really have had a lot of fun playing around with the demo. One feature that would really help me choose to buy bitwig is if I can bounce seamless loopable regions. This makes it so the audio tail gets overlayed on top of the start of the loop so the tail doesn't get cut off when it repeats. To do this in Logic I select my region, bounce it, and select "bounce 2nd pass" or some option like that. Does this feature exist?

Sorry if this has been asked already, I couldn't find the answer.

Hi there,

I had a brief mail exchange with Bitwig support about bouncing clips in the clip launcher, where I thought there was something wrong because I got a longer result than the clip itself. In extenso, a 1 bar clip will be bounced into a 2 bars clip, with the last bar being looped.

In short, the support explained this was not a bug but by design, in order to get the tail.

I tried with a single note with delay placed near the end of the clip and I confirm the tail is at the beginning of the looped region. This is how it looks:

alt text

After this you can delete the first bar but a quicker way is to just drag and drop the bounce to the arranger timeline (only the useful part is dragged). Tell us if that fits your needs.


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