asked Dec 02 '15 at 12:07 by dmilith (88)

I'm using KAT KT3 MIDI drum kit, which has hardcoded channel 10 for MIDI. There's no way of changing this setting on HW side nor Bitwig side.

The thing is, that Bitwig just can't get ANY input from this MIDI device. I checked every competition product.. in every DAW KT3 just works out of the box, Then I can use Kontakt VST to play my drums.. I can't do that in Bitwig.

It's third time I'm reporting this to Bitwig (third place). Could you please fix it or provide a workaround please?

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I can also add console output when I'm trying to connect this device somehow.

com.bitwig.base.control_surface.ControlSurfaceException: MIDI in not available: at UJP.wSd(SourceFile:353) at UJP.wSd(SourceFile:60) at at zFf.wSd(SourceFile:394) at at

Also I've found this script.. It's for different device.. but maybe this is the way of telling Bitwig about channel? Didn't try this one yet.

  — (Dec 02 '15 at 13:01) dmilith

Solvable only via upgrade to Bitwig 2.


answered Aug 07 '17 at 11:57 by dmilith (88)

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