asked Dec 03 '15 at 08:03 by jumpman (11)

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Each time I open bitwig there is a lag time of 1-2 minutes during which Bitwig is busy indexing and cleaning up the sample analysis cache. Audio and plugins do not engage correctly during the entire process. Will adjusting the audio analysis cache solve the problem? Can I manually clean the cache? RE: indexing delay... can I disable the automatic indexing function to avoid waiting? Is anyone else having this problem? This will not suit live performance. Thanks for any help, bitwiggers!

You asked about 4 years ago, this post has been seen 1615 times and nobody replied! ... Weird, but yes you can delete everything located in /Users/xxx/Library/Caches/Bitwig, and it is actually required to do so if you replaced any sample with other sample (same filename, different data). Bitwig 3.0 can't sense the change - and that's a bug if you ask me.


answered Oct 06 '19 at 20:16 by Domanovic (11)

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