asked Dec 04 '15 at 19:45 by tntmp (46)

I'm just wondering why not everything about BWS is right here at Bitwig but also on and who knows where else? Seems like the activity about fixes and updates are more up to date there then here. Would it not be better to contain it at one place instead of spreading it to other sites? Not everybody wants to register everywher on the internet. You have a site and a forum here, so it really should be here. Why else even have a forum here?

I think the Bitwig Q&A is not the usual forum where people discuss, but a place dedicated to questions.

Discussing, arguing, bug checking, track submitting, tips exchanging... is more the purpose of the Bitwig KVR forum. BTW, the KVR forum is introduced in this thread:

Of course, both forums can hold support thread, but this is more specific the for the Bitwig Q&A.


answered Dec 04 '15 at 22:45 by pakunoda (966)

At the beginning there was only the KVR forum, Bitwig Answers came later (correct me if I'm wrong). I'm guessing people just got used to discussing Bitwig stuff over at KVR and not it stayed that way.

I would be interested to know two things:

  1. Which forum are Bitwig stuff more likely to see my posts on?
  2. Which forum are other Bitwig users more likely to see my posts on?

answered Aug 04 '19 at 11:27 by Scoox (101)

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