asked Dec 07 '15 at 01:02 by grimus (11)

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I've tried a number of suggestions from posts I've found in this forum, but I can't seem to get it working.

My MIDI in keyboard is detected without any changes needed. However to send MIDI notes to my USB sound card's MIDI out seems to be impossible. Everything works fine when testing with an Alsa based midi monitor, I can get my hardware synth to play, but I can't seem to get it working under BWS.

What's the step by step method to get this working? At the moment Alsa support seems broken (whenever I try it the Alsa device is busy), so I'm forced to use Jack (which I prefer anyway).

OK so to update my attempts at getting this to work, I've achieved the following, which is still unsatisfactory:

I've managed to get MIDI out working to only one of my synths using this method:

  1. Install a2jmidid
  2. Install (or rather compile) the Jackass plugin
  3. Connect the output of the Jackass output in Patchage to the a2jmidi MIDI through input
  4. Connect the MIDI through output to my USB soundcard's MIDI out port in, again in Patchage.

This gives me a track that forwards MIDI coming in from my generic keyboard controller to the hardware synth on the physical MIDI port. However I can only play back content on MIDI channel 1, and I can't create multiple devices. Nor will the track this is hooked up to respond to muting or soloing, the MIDI will pass through all the time.

Is there really no better alternative at the moment? What are other people doing? riot ?? are you reading this at all? I'd love to have your input. If it's non functional currently but will get fixed, I'm happy to be patient.

I'm running the full, latest purchased version by the way, 1.3.5 The reason why I'm in a hurry is that I'm playing a gig in 10 days, and I've just recently switched to BWS, so hoping this can work for me.


answered Dec 08 '15 at 10:56 by grimus (11)

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You just need to load a "Hardware instrument" device and select the MIDI card


answered Dec 06 '16 at 01:39 by yomguy (41)

OK maybe it's fixed then, because that certainly wasn't working for me previously.

I'm assuming you're using ALSA as well?


answered Dec 06 '16 at 01:56 by grimus (11)

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