asked Dec 10 '15 at 15:48 by Pedro310789 (51)

Hello, I am runing bitwig on Windows 7 32-Bit. Audio interface Tascam 122-L Been using it for 2 months now and everything was fine until today. When I open Bitwig the audio engine fails to turn on and says : "Could not load ASIO driver: no ASIO driver. ERROR: name : US-122 MKII / US 144 MKII. Has anyone had this problem before and knows how to fix it?






answered Mar 06 '16 at 00:41 by salganikas (51)

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Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the ASIO driver? That's where I'd start.


answered Dec 11 '15 at 17:14 by jamesmcseattle (87)

Also I would try another DAW, just to confirm this ASIO driver installation is broken.

  — (Dec 11 '15 at 23:03) pakunoda


Unable to reinstall ASIO driver, it does not detect my audio driver. I've tried everything. Reinstalling Bitwig, reinstalling audio driver... Even followed the 6 steps in other Q&A right underneath mine. Can't update JAVA to it's latest version, may it be related to that? Also when i start my computer I get Error message DSD_4890 (Dell detection system? or digital sound something?) It's driving me nuts.

Cheers, Pedro


answered Dec 11 '15 at 23:05 by Pedro310789 (51)

Hi Pakunoda,

Bitwig is the only DAW I own unfortunately. My audio driver works fine with WMP when i change the volume knob for example.


answered Dec 11 '15 at 23:07 by Pedro310789 (51)

That's not an answer. Clearly others have this issue - and to pass them off to some device they have to pay for does not solve the problem.

How about Bitwig support actually read these forums and solve the issues? There's an idea.


answered Mar 04 '16 at 23:08 by jamesmcseattle (87)

Well, Bitwig support (and any other company support) cannot handle all the configuration in the world and cannot solve the others companies problems.

As Pedro wrote, DSD may stand for Dell System Detect. If his computer is made by Dell, that makes sense. Now, given the fact that Pedro cannot update some software components not made by Bitwig, I would suggest him to phone Dell for this DSD error message, also to solve his Java update problem (which is not that important for BWS, AFAIK), and Tascam for reinstalling this ASIO driver. It's simple as that; Bitwig does not make DELL computers nor Tascam ASIO drivers. Users have reported issues between Bitwig and some ASIO drivers, I don't deny, but in this case, if Pedro can't reinstall the driver, IMHO there's a first step to solve which is not related to BWS.


answered Mar 05 '16 at 09:58 by pakunoda (966)

The audio engine connects to the main application. If you tell your firewall the engine is not allowed to talk to the application, it will not work.


answered Mar 18 '16 at 07:00 by nyquill (9)

Useful information, I am looking for it, thank you for sharing run 3


answered Apr 25 at 14:29 by kaleanna (9)

I think you need to reinstall your OS. sorry if this sounds like weird advice but back everything you want up up to an hard-drive and reinstall windows. if you don't have a reinstall media go to your windows 10 account and create one using a USB and your account media. remember before reinstalling windows 10 deactivate all software that uses old-school and very stupid machine locked activation if you don't you could lose licenses. personally i screen all my software before i buy it and refuse to buy these types of software. bit-wig is not one of these. its activation is new-school and cloud based (yay bit-wig rocks) i lock activation's don't worry about as long as you have have the activation on an actual dongle if you deactivate all the software there too (also I recommend using the dongle its there for a reason ).

Ok so heres my logic for reinstalling the os. as along time windows user i have found windows acumulates small errors over time depending on how you treat it and irrespective of viruses improperly uninstalled software downloading wrong versions of drivers registry errors it adds up after a while while i cant say this will fix your problem. i can say windows issues cause cascade failure when left too long and the symptoms you are getting look a bit like this to me i have been using windows since i was 8 years old i am now 29 i have been through many many versions and made hundreds of mistakes it is truly only now that i fully understand the system.

Ok the first thing to do after reinstall is install all the newest windows updates possible for ASIO i use Asio for all If your still having problames its likly somthing you cant fix on your own and need to rebuild part of the computer hardware. it might be incompatible with an audio workflow.

also If you don't have windows 10 I recommend getting it and not an upgrade from 7 they are different It is now wise to cling to the past. with computers things just break more and more often as companies stop supporting things. computers are not objects they are a lifestyle.


answered Jun 25 at 16:34 by matty686 (21)


Here is what I have found. Yes this is an issue and with almost every owner of DAWs faces.. Windows 10 update conversions and computer RAM deficiency are just a few of the simple examples of the problems that each person deals with. Driver updates and incompatibility issues vary with each person but you need to research before assuming Bitwig can offer a simple fix for clients with variables beyond Bitwigs control.

From what I have researched and using this AMAZING DAW for a few days is that if you are using it for EDM producion (ALSO NOT USING MAC) then you should consider the "Novations 2x4 Audiohub" for the sound issues. Its runs between $169 and $199 and can be found new almost anywhere that sales musical equipment. Do NOT expect to find any USED on the GC or SA sites. I found only 1 and I am avid researcher. You can find many of the of the others.

This audio/midi interface is also a USB hub, need I say more. As far as it not having XLR or 1/4" inch ability, a microphone should be interfaced separately for optimum vocals and from workstation interference.

If you are trying to interface analog created by true music equipment like drums, guitar, etc then that should be dealt with an interface like" Line 6' or something similar.



answered Jan 16 '16 at 11:01 by zerologik (9)

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