asked Dec 10 '15 at 21:06 by cookiehunter (11)

Hello, I got to know the browser (not the panel, the one that pops up whereever you press a plus-sign) and I find its sorting functions quite amazing. But I also have one small problem with it: it will not let me directly play back the sample I select. This is importatnt to me because I have e.g. a folder called "kicks" and in this folder there are over 3500 samples (royalty free; you pay with the time that it takes to find them). For kicks I like to just browse that folder till I find one that fits the mood, sounds nice and also fits what I am trying to do. Up till now I used the Resonic Sample Player (wonderful program btw.), which is just perfect for browsing samples, but this procedure is quite inefficient as I have to switch the program (always running bitwig fullscreen) then find the sample and drag it into bitwig.

This you can already do with the bitwig browser: when in sample-selection mode you can already turn on the little speaker in the bottom left and then it loads the selected sample into SAMPLER. Great if you already got a midi loop playing on that track, but this is almost never the case for me.

Instead: give us a second button right next to the little speaker one that makes a midi note go to the SAMPLER device that gets loaded upon selecting the sample. But this has to work for selecting the sample with the mouse AND skipping through them with the arrow keys.

This way you can:

  1. (speaker-button-OFF and selection-trigger-button-OFF) just selects the sample, nothing happens

  2. (speaker-button-ON and selection-trigger-button-OFF) just loads the selected sample into SAMPLER

  3. (speaker-button-ON and selection-trigger-button-ON) loads the sample into SAMPLER and sends a midi-note to it right after

Greetings, Ed.

You can send MIDI notes into the track where you are inserting to hear the sample. Turn computer keyboard note input on (mapped to caps lock) by default and then press keys on the keyboard to play notes into the sampler.


answered Dec 11 '15 at 13:32 by nick (753)

Hello nick, thank you for telling me that option, I did not even think of this as I have a midi keyboard, awesome!

And while that is possible, it is very inconvenient, expecially with the nuber of samples I do usually listen to before finding a good one. So I am going to be consistent and continue asking for this simple feature as having that extra button would really improve the workfolw (and the browser anyways) quite a lot.

Greetings, Ed.


answered Dec 12 '15 at 04:08 by cookiehunter (11)

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