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What about if preparing stems to mix in other software, how can I export stem as a mono? For example when I am trying to record my MIDI info to the new channel it always makes it 2 wave forms (in editor window), it doesn't help if I choose mono output on a source track , while if I import wave file which was recorded with mono mic it only contains one wave. Is there any difference? If I would export the recording as a mono output and import it again in Bitwig it will be stereo again. Is it still the mono file in general? Sorry if it's confusing, I am confused as well.

You should convert your answer into question, because it's a question (duh), and you'll get an answer quicker.

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Is it still the mono file in general?

I guess so. I think that the output of a mono track is a stereo output with the two channels being identical. This is my findings after putting an Oscilloscope device after a mono synth: the waveforms of both channel match perfectly.

My conclusion is that BWS can manage mono signal but it will always convert into stereo internally, and export as stereo.

So you are left with converting the stems afterwards.


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