asked Dec 19 '15 at 13:11 by alexejmilstein (26)

I run Bitwig 1.3.5 with Miroslav Philharmonik, which is a legacy 32-bit VST that supports multi-outputs. I wanted to load a single instance and route other instrument tracks to the corresponding MIDI channels. While that works, I sometimes have to play a note on the instance with the plugin for the virtual ones to play.

Is this a bug or somehow a limitation? Would loading a separate instance of Miroslav Philharmonik for every instrument I want to use be unnecessary waste of CPU cycles or is that a common thing to do?

"While that works, I sometimes have to play a note on the instance with the plugin for the virtual ones to play."

I think this is a known bug that the Bitwig team is having a hard time replicating & fixing, in many areas.

For example, when I use the Hardware Instrument Device, sometimes whens Im playing notes on the hardware synthesizer itself, Bitwig stops playing the audio for some reason -- until I hit a note on my main MIDI Controller, and then alas I am able to hit keys on the synthesizer itself again and hear noises.

Another example, is with the Kontact 5 VST. If I loop a midi clip for a long time, after a random amount of time (5-30 minutes), the instrument will stop outputting audio. If I re-toggle the instrument on and off, it outputs audio again.


answered Dec 29 '15 at 01:21 by wygonjinn (281)

Hello, I find that Miroslav Philharmonik maybe a little buggy! It doesn't even get recognized in Bitwig at all. I use other DAWs and it will load in Reaper but no others will recognize it!


answered Jan 25 '18 at 05:09 by peaveybitwig (11)

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