asked Dec 19 '15 at 15:26 by ulrikjanusson (166)

I like to start my projects by recording something live. Then I want to keep that feeling but add lots of MIDI-based stuff. So I want to:

  1. grab my guitar
  2. record a song with lots of feeling and an unsteady bpm
  3. show Bitwig where the 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the beat is WITHOUT AFFECTING THE UNSTEADY BPM, I LIKE UNSTEADY
  4. add some drums that I am programming with a drumset on a MIDI-channel, WITHOUT AFFECTING THE UNSTEADY BPM, I LIKE UNSTEADY

Now bullet points 1 and 2 I can do (more or less :-). How do I do 3? I assume I can do 4 without any trouble.

Thanks in advance!

First, I would set the guitar audio clip on RAW mode. Second, I would create a tempo automation on the master track (not on the guitar track), but that involve to guess the tempo variation of each part.


answered Dec 20 '15 at 00:09 by pakunoda (966)

edited Dec 20 '15 at 00:09

That COULD have been a solution. Not a nice one but it COULDD have worked. But I tried it. And the problem is that if I change the master tempo an audio event in raw mode does not move in relation to the beat ruler. That makes this kind of tempo matching almost impossible. And it is a clea case of an inconsistency in the system too.

Sigh. This possibility to match to the human feel is very important to me...


answered Dec 21 '15 at 09:26 by ulrikjanusson (166)

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