asked Dec 26 '15 at 17:48 by Encore131989 (11)

Hello! I use Bigwig studio since it release. Today I want to buy a control surface with motorized faders. Some devices (like Tascam fw-1082) will be good for me, but I want to know - does Bigwig supports HUI protocol for auto assign controls from external devices?

I guess so, as I can use a Zoom R16 as a Mackie compatible controller (I chose the Mackie MCU Pro profile). I didn't map anything, the tracks volume are automa(g)ically mapped to the faders. But this device is not motorized, so I can't tell you how far the communication between software and hardware goes.


answered Dec 27 '15 at 12:04 by pakunoda (966)

Thanks, mate! I think it will be possible for many midi-controllers with midi in/out support (especially,which supports Mackie MCU protocol). You proved my thoughts about these moment. Perhaps it will help me to get better control of Bitwig elemets with ableton Push. I will try to use it with MCU profile.

  — (Dec 27 '15 at 13:29) Encore131989

Though this thread is a little bit outdated, it may be still interesting for others, as the Mackie HUI is nowadays often to be seen on the used market, for really cheap (<500€). So no, sadly Bitwig is at the moment not compatible with HUI. Note that the Mackie HUI Protocol is totally different from the Mackie Control/ Mackie Control Universal Protocol. The Mackie Control features both protocols for choice, but the Mackie HUI only delivers the MAckie HUI Protocol. So it needs dedicated support, or it won't work. By the way: This controller is a beast. It has probably the best motorized faders on the controller market (original Penny and Giles Faders). And also a Meter bridge. So if anybody knows how to write the controller script, here i found the corresponding data-sheets, with all the detailled Data that is being sent by Mackie HUI:: And the original user-manual: Wish I could do the programming myself ! Maybe I am learning it over the next years. So let me know, if you eventually read this Thread in a few years, and are interested to join in. Something like the HUI won't probably ever be built again. Would be great if it finds a new home in Bitwig Studios :-))


answered Mar 15 '19 at 06:21 by micsinger (11)

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