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Hello to all the Bitwig people out there!

As a proud license holder, I was very excited to recently take possession of a Surface Pro 3 for use with my favorite DAW. While tinkering, I had a thought.

Wouldn't it be great if the button on the Surface pen started and reset the transport? There are surely other useful things to bind it to as well...

The functionality on that button seems generally limited. Perhaps there is a simple tool that would allow easy rebinding of it? The Bitwig Preferences -> Shortcuts screen does not seem to recognize it.

Much thanks to everyone making Bitwig what it is!


Addition: And I totally acknowledge this is early days for these Surface/touch features at large. The thought just struck me as very useful and I had to share.

Lowest button should erase notes and clips


answered Mar 08 '16 at 01:56 by jinek (132)

Thanks for the reply, jinek. My question, though, is about using the buttons on the pen to start the transport (play) and pause/reset the transport.

I noticed that the eraser button on the pen isn't bound to anything, and toggling the transport seemed like a really useful function. Perhaps one click to start, one click to pause, and a double-click to reset to the initial cue position.

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yes, sure, voted. Please, review my post

  — (Mar 08 '16 at 06:09) jinek

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