asked Jan 07 '16 at 20:44 by timskoch (11)

I would like to filter Note events by timbre expression, similar to what Note Filter can do for Channel or Velocity. I cannot use Velocity for this purpose because I actually need to use Velocity for something else. Is there any way to do this? I was looking at the Note Mod device, wondering if there's any way to "swap" Velocity/Timbre (temporarily) so I can put a Note Filter in the path, filter as desired, and then somehow "swap" them back, but couldn't find a way to do this. I thought Note Mod was going to allow me to modify actual Note data, but looks like it's only for modulating OTHER things via INCOMING Note data?

Any ideas how to filter by anything other than Channel or Velocity?

You can choose between Mod sources Even if the Note Mod is in the Same Track. If putted in a device all Parameters are able to be modulated. Those Note Mods have to be bundled in a Chain in Note fx Inside the device and then you'll be able to modulate von Note Mod by another.


answered Sep 07 '16 at 17:55 by Tonfabrik (40)

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