asked Jan 16 '16 at 01:14 by AndiHoe (21)

Hi, I tried to install the Voxengo SPAN VST-Plugin (from ) on my Bitwig running on Ubuntu 14.04 through WIne. It installs the plugin into the .Wine directory, but they don't work in Bitwig, though they show up in the Devices list after adding that directory to the Plugin Location.

Anyone some help? I would really love to have a (/that) spectrum analyzer in Bitwig.


To use Windows VST in Bitwig on Linux, I use Airwave as VST bridge. Wine only only work for me with Reaper.


answered Jan 18 '16 at 02:41 by Cyler (356)

I did make Voxengo SPAN work on Ubuntu with Bitwig some time ago. I must admit I do not remember how exactly, but I can assure that it is possible. If you are desperate I can check my machine at other location and see if it is still there.

Also, you can check out: Calf studio gear: Jaaa:


answered Jan 19 '16 at 22:17 by phaethon (11)

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