asked Jan 16 '16 at 02:57 by rjschrei (11)

linnstrument is not triggering sounds. what to check?

Hey, the 3 things you should check first:

  1. Check that your Linnstrument is properly connected to your computer (is it powered? does it work in other software?
  2. Check Preferences in Bitwig Studio to see if your Linnstrument is found by Bitwig Studio and that the correct script is selected
  3. Select your instrument track, hit Caps Lock and play notes on your computer keyboard to see if there's sound coming out
  — (Jan 18 '16 at 17:47) fredrik

I had the same problem.

Make sure that midi-in and midi-out both go to the LinnStrument. It should look like this:

This works for me on Ubuntu 14.04 and later.


answered Jul 04 '16 at 09:30 by tp2750 (11)

is your problem solved?


answered Sep 26 '17 at 19:25 by Lmon_Tandon (51)

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