asked Jan 17 '16 at 19:02 by Aum-Rocket (0)

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Is there any chance of someone writing a complete controllerI script for the Akai Tom Cat / Bitwig please?

Thanks =D

As far as I understand controller scripts, their goal is to make Bitwig react to controller's messages. As far as I understand what the Tom Cat is... it is not a controller but an instrument. So Bitwig may send MIDI messages to it through the "hardware instrument" device (but not receive messages from it).

Now, according to the user guide, the Tom Cat sends MIDI messages but there is no detailed informations. Does the knobs send messages? I think that even if we could command Bitwig through this hardware, we would lose its ability to be a hardware drum machine... Better use something meant to be a controller.

My two cents.


answered Jan 18 '16 at 13:46 by pakunoda (966)

Many thanks for your answer Pakunoda, this makes a lot of sense, however i can't get the Bitwig drum machine to play my Tom Cat. From what you say i'm guessing that i don't need any kind of script. Is the problem with my routing? Thanks.

  — (Jan 20 '16 at 00:17) Aum-Rocket

Holy smokes i think i've hit paydirt. Now i know what a midi clock transmitter does! A small step for man, a giant leap for me! Neil Armstrong eat yer heart out!

  — (Jan 20 '16 at 00:26) Aum-Rocket

Bitwig's Drum machine is a device on its own, a software instrument. Its purpose is not to remote command an external, physical, drum machine. This is why I wrote you about the Hardware Instrument device, which is there to "bridge" Bitwig to your MIDI hardware. I have no such hardware to confirm the procedure, so I can only suggest this:

  • Connect the Tom Cat through MIDI, and check in the preferences if Bitwig see it
  • add the device named "hardware instrument" in a midi track.
  • set the midi channel to the one the Tom Cat is listening to
  • connect the Tom Cat main output to your audio interface input
  • set Bitwig's Hardware Instrument "audio in" to the correct input to hear/record the Tom Cat sounds. alt text On my screen shot, you can read "Microsoft GS" software synth; but you should have your Tom Cat listed instead. Again, this is only suggestion as I can't test it myself.

answered Jan 20 '16 at 11:20 by pakunoda (966)

edited Jan 20 '16 at 11:21

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