asked Apr 23 '14 at 22:18 by gunslunglow (121)

What do I do when Bitwig loses my plugin states and can't load a plugin? it has a reload plug-in button but it does nothing. this session was working yesterday, I opened it up today and a number of my plugins are dead and will not reload with a big caution sign at the top. so what do i do to get them back. Ive been diligent about saving, I guess when i get a plugin working I need to bounce it immediately as I can't rely on the plugins to even open up the next day.. starting to agree with the guys that are saying they can't get anything to the finish line. I am in the same boat. I am a professional who needs to crank this stuff out and little things like this are killing me. I am ready to make the switch to this from ableton and pt for my composing, but this is just not open to workarounds but at this point the list is getting longer and my poor musician brain can't keep track of all the quirks and what i can and can't do that will run me into a catastrophic failure. so back to plugin states, does anyone know how to manually go find these and make them work? is it a problem with using an external drive for my sessions?

upon further investigation, it seems this happened to plugins on a track that got duplicated. the program remembered the states of the "duplicate" device, but forgot or lost the plugin states for the original track that got duplicated.

  — (Apr 23 '14 at 22:34) gunslunglow

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