asked Jan 26 '16 at 22:23 by breakcomplete (60)


I want to merge 2 MIDI clips into 1. Preferably copy one and paste it on top of the other. Thanks!

Well, there is no ready-made feature for this AFAIK, but to glue various clip you select them and use "consolidate". To merge clips, you can use this workaround: alt text I have set the piano roll to drum editing (aka Ableton Live "fold" mode) for an easier selection. I used drag and drop, but you can also copy/paste.


answered Jan 27 '16 at 00:26 by pakunoda (966)

This would be a very useful feature. The above method works fine for small clips, but not so much 8 minute orchestral MIDI clips over 28 tracks!

One method that does seem to work is to send the MIDI from each track to the group track Master MIDI (not Audio) output, then set that as the input for an additional MIDI/instrument track, then record the MIDI data in real time. Still a pain to set up the output for all those tracks individually, but less of a pain than trying to manually copy long MIDI phrases from each clip to the new master clip.

Yes, I appreciate that it's a bit of an edge use case, but that's the reason I bought Bitwig - so I can do weird stuff :D


answered Oct 26 '19 at 05:38 by Kavokei (53)

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