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Hello, can anyone help me, I'm going mad trying to figure out how to get Bitwig to see 2 of the same controller at the same time, do I need to change something in the script or... FYI I am using 2 quneo's and 2 qunexus's. Bitwig shows both when I plug them in but when I go to use whichever one I plugged in second Bitwig does not show any kind of output of midi from that controller, no notes, no cc's, nothing. I have tried several different ways around this but no luck.... PLEASE HELP!?! Thank you.

I have the same problem. Unfortunately it's a bug, confirmed by support team. Make sure to write them, so maybe it get's a bit higher on the priority list ... Yes, it's killing me as well ... (c;


answered Jan 28 '16 at 17:20 by svervs (142)

Ah what!! crap I've bought two Livid ds1 mixer controllers... and I can't work out how to use them both at the same time. Is this still the case? No workaround?


answered Feb 26 '16 at 22:04 by slackerluddite (96)

I recently migrated to Windows 10 to take advantage of the multi-touch in Bitwig but was using an iMac with OSX previously. I booted up the old mac and found that I could use both controllers simultaneously on the mac but I have to rename them using the built-in "audio midi setup" app that comes with osx which gave me a way to rename the two DS1s with different names. And I can confirm that once I renamed them they appeared with their two distinguishable names in Bitwig's "MIDI input port" list which is that dropdown menu you use when assigning a controller to a particular controller script. I've tested it and can confirm that when Bitwig picks up two identical controllers with two different names it allows you to use them both no problem.

So can anyone say if there is a way to rename a midi controller in Windows? That would make it an easy fix.


answered Feb 28 '16 at 11:47 by slackerluddite (96)

Many controllers have some form of admin mode where you can assign internal IDs, I suggest checking your controller's user guide, it's possible it can be solved that way.

  — (Mar 15 '16 at 11:08) fredrik

Thanks to all who helped in figuring this out. I figured out a workaround for using 2 identical controllers in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10, (spoiler alert) I had to use a SEPERATE midi interface to make this possible. Iconnect Midi 4+ or any midi interface that shows up as it's name in Bitwig and not the name of the actual controller. To do this hook up the controllers you will use one normally and one through the midi interface go to preferences menu, go to controllers and then detect available controllers, the 2 you want to use will show up if detection is supported in the script. If not add them manually, and set the midi in and outs, one normally one as you would through you midi interface then go to the actual name of the controller still in the active controller menu as seen by Bitwig. Here is the trick, double click on the name to clear it, if for example you are using 2 Launchpads and in the name field it says Launchpad change the second one by adding a 2 so it reads Launchpad2, if it's a Nanokontrol you are using change the name to Nanokontrol2, actually I tried several different combinations, as long as it is changed so Bitwig sees it as different controller with different midi ins and outs Bitwig will let both controllers work using whatever script you have installed for that particular controller. Now you just doubled your controlling power. Sweeeeet! I know a lot of ppl have interfaces that have midi inputs and I tried this successfully with an MAudio interface and Native Instruments interface. I would have included pictures but my karma points are too low so I'll reply to some comments and then post pics later this week.


answered Mar 13 '16 at 22:28 by Zechaone1 (171)

Has nobody found a way to deal with this without having to resort to getting yet another piece of hardware? It seems to me if the Mac can handle it no problem then it should be easy enough to do in Windows... at least with a third party software... some kind of virtual midi manager? I'm still a nube with Windows but with the right info I imagine it would be easy.... seeing as Windows users bang on all day long about how much more customisable and more deep Windows PCs are compared to Macs... so really?... Or just fake news?

Livid provided me with a firmware that changes the hardware alias of the ds1 controller but somehow Bitwig still confuses them and only lets me use one of them despite having different names in the drop down list in Bitwig.... very frustrating.


answered Apr 14 '17 at 10:15 by slackerluddite (96)

Hey slackerluddite, i recognize you from another forum????Yeah, I've had some luck with midi daemons, i.e. virtual MIDI ports but for the most part they have had various idiosyncrasies that have left me hamstrung just because of the kinds of controllers I tend to use multi channel multi message across those channels but the one thing I do use that works very well for me and it definitely is an investment, is an iPad connected simply by normal lightning 2 usb to Win 10 using Studiomux, which does Midi AND audio over usb, so until something better...

  — (Apr 14 '17 at 23:20) Zechaone1

Ah okay cheers yeah I guess its quite fiddly to set up and likely to add latency.

I might try with Bome MIDI translator demo.

Not sure I want to add an iPad to the mix... will probably get an iConnect if Bome or some of the other softwares don't work out.

Or maybe just get Ableton. I really want a streamlined setup as much as possible.

  — (Apr 15 '17 at 17:05) slackerluddite

Supposedly this is fixed in version 2.2 (currently in beta) I haven't tested myself as I'm not involved in the beta but looking forward to the fix!

Thanks team BW!


answered Oct 02 '17 at 21:28 by slackerluddite (96)

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