asked Jan 30 '16 at 09:39 by joriswildenbeest (51)


When I'm using Bitwig with my Line 6 KB37 and I arm an audio track for recording, I get a massive amount of noise. The noise differs in tone from which recording input I select in the Line6 tool (Instrument, Microphone, phantom power on/off, etc.), but it is persistent even with gain turned down completely.

However, when I use the KB37 for an application like Pod Farm it works fine without this noise. It seems a problem exclusive to Bitwig.

Running Windows 10 on Surface Pro 4, please help!

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Even tho i changed to auto, its still gives me massive noise.

Is there any solution to this ?


answered Jan 06 '17 at 14:43 by loris_tuj (11)

I had the same problem with my US-16x08 - after updating to the latest driver/software 2.10 it works fine. Maybe they simply tested with Bitwig and fixed something in the ASIO implementation. I already had the latest "driver" version 1.04 installed, but it seems ASIO updates come with the settings panel / mixer control application.

Edit: I know the question is for a different interface, but still: check for driver/software updates from the manufacturer, it might have been fixed on their end.


answered Apr 27 '17 at 09:44 by olsner (11)

edited Apr 27 '17 at 09:46

Try to switch the sample rate to 48000 and also try other bit depths. In the line 6 properties 48000/24 bit, just play with these settings and the noise will be gone. I had the same issue.


answered Apr 29 '17 at 07:54 by Jason31 (41)

Just to note that I'm encountering this issue with a Merging Hapi interface too: I contacted Merging, who reproduced the issue on their systems and also contacted Bitwig about it.

With any luck, Bitwig will prioritise a fix.


answered Jun 29 '17 at 15:19 by arlynculwick (11)

I have the same problem with a Line6 Helix device. Massive noise when recording. Using ASIO4ALL instead of the official Line6 driver solves the problem.


answered Oct 19 '17 at 15:13 by andreas1337 (11)

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