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hey there,

i have an old problem on one of my pc with bitwig, on certain time when running bitwig i get white screen and i cannot do anything if i try to change app with alt+tab it shows me bitwhig and all his apps but i cannot do anything until i signout from windows or i crest , only ctrl+alt+tab is working , on my other win 10 pc x64 this problem is not present

i have atached 2 images one with white screen and another with alt+tab


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Hello everybody, I might have some more information regarding the white screen bug:

I have noticed a huge amount of page faults per second for dwm.exe (the Windows Desktop manager, can be seen in Task Manager on the Details tab) when using Bitwig Studio with the onboard graphics card (Intel Q35) on my Win 10 64-bit system.

This has pointed me to either a RAM or graphics card issue. I ran Memtest to check the RAM, all fine.

I have now installed a new graphics card and so far it seems the page faults for dwm.exe have been reduced drastically (down from around 100.000 per second to less than 100).

This might point to some kind of progress - maybe everyone could post which graphics card you have?


answered Mar 29 '16 at 15:52 by goehner (31)

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Same problem here under Windows 10....


answered Jun 13 '16 at 21:10 by iZueL (71)

I just want to add that this is still a problem as of update 1.3.12. This has happened to me multiple times.


answered Jul 29 '16 at 05:12 by Dirt (41)

I have same problem on Win 10, I use x86 bitwig on x64 system (dont remember why), and I have white screen almost everyday. Also, when I save project multiple times just to be sure nothing will be lost when bitwig crash, some plugins still lose some data anyway.


answered Aug 08 '16 at 19:28 by kamilpawlak (51)

Just happened again with 1.3.13-RC1 (Win 10 x64).

Took a while (2-3 hours), but nevertheless still happens.


answered Aug 20 '16 at 16:12 by Solista (30)

I just had now again the white screen problem... fucking up all the desktop too :(


answered Sep 21 '16 at 23:19 by iZueL (71)

@rewird: Nothing in the log. And can't debug any crash cause it's not really a crash. Bitwig application keeps running and even responds to keystrokes. So it's possible to Ctrl+S (Save) and exit Bitwig gracefully (Alt+F4). But Windows as a whole is no longer usable. All running apps only show a big white window whichever task you switch to. The task switcher works. But it strangely shows lots of tasks normally not shown (around 30 and more) some titled GDI+ some without any title. The only way out I found is to log off.


answered Oct 11 '16 at 21:06 by Solista (30)

Addendum: Logoff by Ctrl+Alt+Delete. Then the normal options screen appears (Shut down, Logoff etc.) but trying 'Cancel' returns Windows to the unusable state

  — (Oct 11 '16 at 21:12) Solista

Hi Alexander,

I got this 2 days ago, i was working in Bitwig when i got all those windows opening suddenly, freezing the computer. I thought i was attacked, unplugged internet, did a bunch a anticrap scans, backed up all my hd files etc, I searched about those opened windows but in short after all of that, i was still not sure about what happened. So, in a way i want to thank you because thanks to you i know it's just Bitwig, waaah...

These are all the opened windows i had (or just the ones with a name) :

MCIcommandHandling Task Host Window MS_WebcheckMonitor BluetoothNotificationAeraIconWindowsClass HiddenFaxWindow MediaCenterSSO DDEServerWindow GDI+Window BroadcastListenerWindow MainMessageWindow SidebarBroadcastWATCHER DWMnotificationWindow

It happened to me only one time, Bitwig 1.3.6 Win7 X64.

Closing all the crap was not enough, i was still having Windows UI bugs, killed Explorer.exe, try to restart it, but it didn't work. So i rebooted, and didn't have a problem after.

Just for you to know, the fastest hotkey for the Task Manager is Ctrl+Shift+Esc


answered Feb 01 '16 at 14:42 by David_Boura (136)

I just bought Bitwig and have really been enjoying it. However, I am already getting the white screen. It is typically while I am changing a parameter. And it has happened probably 5 to 10 times. And I've only had bitwig installed and have been using it for about 5 days.

It will completely cover my screen, like another window has been opened and trumps all other program windows that exist. And, as David Boura mentioned, it's like a bunch of different dialog boxes and windows appear when I alt tab. It seems to be different bitwig functions that may be running. I haven't verified exactly, but I am fairly certain that I was getting similar windows with similar titles that David mentioned.

Computer Specs: Win 10 Pro 64 bit 8gb RAM Steinberg UR22 usb interface

Using an original Launchpad and an Arturia Keylab 49.

I did realize though that before I try alt-tabbing, if I hit Ctrl+S I am able to save my work still. I really hope you guys didn't lose any major progress. And I hope my mentioning the Ctrl+S helps you maintain your work in the future.

I have typically signed out of my windows profile and signed back in when this happens. I'm able to start bitwig back up pretty quickly, but the entire problem is still really irritating and shouldn't happen.

Has anyone found a solution to this yet? Or will this be corrected in a future version? I personally have no idea what is causing this. I haven't tried Alt+F4 yet. I will try that next time and see what happens.


answered Mar 02 '16 at 04:29 by prodigal (21)

I got the Same issue!

A white screen and nothing Else.

I got win 10x64 8gb RAM I5 Core

I had the prob since Update 1.3 If i using more vsts like Reaktor and battery , It is still the Problem. Before the Great Update 1.3, there was no Problem.

I' m very thankful for any advice.


answered Mar 26 '16 at 01:32 by JP (56)

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