asked Feb 02 '16 at 17:19 by JBlongz (75)

edited Jun 22 '16 at 16:03

Clip recording cut to the nearest bar value. (or have an option to do so in preferences)

In clip view, if I recording a clip slightly more than 16 bars, Bitwig should automatically trim it to 16. Currently, the workflow is disturbed if I have to change manually after each recording. I don't always know how long the clip will be (depends on inspiration at the moment). This will be a key enhancement that users will appreciate.

Fellow users: If you agree with this, vote it up by clicking the appropriate arrow. Thanks!

I couldn't agree more! I really hope they add this!


answered Jun 22 '16 at 04:23 by mholloway (161)

Vote it! ^

  — (Jun 22 '16 at 15:56) JBlongz

How did this never get implemented? Even Playtime for Reaper does this. Am I missing something that's been added since 2016 or is this not a workflow issue for anyone else?


answered Oct 18 '19 at 02:03 by DigNaga (21)

I don’t know why it didn’t happen, but this and note repeat are critical functions to attract Ableton users. I need Live especially for this workflow.

  — (Oct 18 '19 at 02:08) JBlongz

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