asked Feb 14 '16 at 18:18 by mixmatch (123)

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I'd like to know what's the state of LV2 support in the current Bitwig (1.3.6). I've tried it the Pianoteq LV2 plugin and it works perfectly, but I couldn't get it to work with anything else. For Pianoteq, it works even when I remove everything but the .so file.

I've noticed that Carla recognizes the same Pianoteq .so both as LV2 and LADSPA, but not the other plugins I have - could that be the issue?

I don't buy BitWig just because there is no normal support Linux. When will support for LV2 plug-ins I immediately buy it.


answered Jul 11 '16 at 08:25 by ShvonderSiN (31)

would be nice to get an official statement on that. are you working on a native LV2/LADSPA support in BitWig or not?

would really be great if you focus more on the linux-community and implement the leading open standards - especially because the main argument for switching to BitWig for most users seems to be that it runs well on linux. if you optimize integration with open-source technologies it could really speed up your sales! ;)

love & cheers,



answered Mar 25 '16 at 18:09 by elusive (21)

They mention LV2 support here: "LV2? We will consider to offer LV2 support in the future, however not in version 1.0."

Their are TONS of LV2 plugins out there. I'd really like to see this supported too. ... On a bigger note, I think Linux is where people will eventually flock. I think Bitwig gets this too.

Btw, a real nice development of late is added support for ffmpeg! I actually pinged them a couple times about this and eventually they added it!


answered Oct 18 '16 at 04:40 by rdamico (21)

All in for LV2 support!


answered Nov 28 '19 at 12:10 by redbumble (21)

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