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I am very interested in Bitwig Studio and have a few questions.

First of all, are ASIO drivers native to the app or does ASIO4all need to be installed as a pseudo front end? If that is the case, are there limitations to the multichannel recording and playback in a studio situation?

Secondly, what Sampler formats are imported into Sampler? I.e. Kontakt, EXS, Akai, E-MU?

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Asio drivers are usually shipped with a piece of hardware, most of the time a soundcard. Asio4all is a solution to get low latency processing from soundcards that don't come with an Asio driver (such as integrated chip on notebook PC). You don't need it if a Asio driver is available for your gear (but it also allows to aggregate multiple cards, which is rarely possible with manufacturers drivers).

Multichannel audio depends of the driver you will use. The same hardware can be accessed through asio, wasapi, jack, coreaudio depending on your OS.

Bitwig's sampler uses common audio file formats, maybe not the one you'll find in a hardware sampler though. Wave, aiff, mp3/4 and ogg are listed in the file selector. Give a try to the demo.


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Secondly, what Sampler formats are imported into Sampler? I.e. Kontakt, EXS, Akai, E-MU?

A little late, but in case someone else does a search and this question comes up, the answer is: no other file formats for multisample instruments are supported.

Yes, you can import individual audio files in a number of formats, as the answer above states, but the actual question was about Kontact, EXS, etc, which are formats that specify a multisample instrument.

From what I have read, Bitwig's .multisample file is very similar to the SFZ file format, and someone wrote a conversion program: From that link:

I played a bit with the fileformat and found that it´s a zip-container with all the wav-files and a xml file that describes how to map the samples to keyboard regions

Basically, unless you have sample instruments in the SFZ file format and want to try converting those, you'll have to re-create any multisample instruments you have from other programs, Bitwig's Sampler cannot read those files.


answered Aug 14 '17 at 03:07 by malgre (11)

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