asked Feb 18 '16 at 20:35 by jamesmcseattle (87)

I'm experiencing an issue that I can't seem to narrow down. Recently every one of my projects has popping/cracking noises that are randomly generated, not related to any particular audio event. The popping happens on tracks with plugins, and tracks without plugins. The DSP monitor is less than 10% in terms of performance.

This started happening two days ago, after a very long stretch of no problems. I have not installed any new plugins, or made any other updates, excluding Windows updates.

I have tested with buffer settings in the range of 768 to 1024 to no avail. I even tried to install the jackd platform for Windows, but couldn't get that to work.

I changed the display from large to small, having read of performance issues in this area, and that didn't help.

I'm not certain if even just having plugins installed (without using them in a project) could cause this, but here are the plugins that I currently have installed:

  • AGML Lite II (Ample Guitar)
  • Analog Lab
  • Mini V
  • Lush 101

There are an additional 5 plugins that I was using that I uninstalled in an effort to troubleshoot, but that didn't help.

And while I am certainly no pro in terms of music production, I think that the device chains I have in the tracks are reasonable and being used efficiently, to my knowledge.

Can someone please perhaps point me in the right direction? How can I troubleshoot this further? BTW, I have not been able to detect the pops/cracks in exported audio samples.

DEVICES: - Arturia Keylab 49 - Samson C01U Pro condenser mike

SPECS: - Bitwig v 1.3.6 - Win7 64bit, all drivers updated - ASIO4ALL platform, 44100Hz, 1024 - 16gb ram - Plenty of storage

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Did you try rising the buffer over 1024 samples?

What soundcard do you use? Have you tried WASAPI instead of ASIO?


answered Feb 18 '16 at 21:54 by pakunoda (966)

edited Feb 18 '16 at 21:54

I can try that - but that doesn't explain why all of a sudden I'm having these issues.

Another issue just popped up where my microphone now doesn't work - somehow the channels within Bitwig have changed.

This is very frustrating. I found the sweet spot for my computer, and it just decided to quit, not happy.

  — (Feb 18 '16 at 22:20) jamesmcseattle

So I apologize, I didn't quite fully answer your question: I have a Diamond Extreme 5.1 sound card. This sound card has worked well, and like I said, nothing has changed on my end that I'm aware of.

Also, I did try to bump up the buffer, incrementally, until the point I could do it no more. Still, random clicks/pops, even on the projects with no plugins used.

I use ASIO, because I cannot get my microphone to work on WASAPI.

  — (Feb 19 '16 at 06:52) jamesmcseattle

thx jinek, removing the send midi clock transmitters to external instruments solved my crackles while recording. (strange but effective !)



answered Apr 25 '16 at 22:34 by -Chr1sMK2 (suspended)

it has been happening the more i use audio events in the arrange view for sure. the latest track where it is the worst of all i have a vocal comp from abut 10 different takes. as i would in pro tools or similar i now have all the small clips, sometimes individual words, sometimes compete phrases, on one track that makes up the vocal. I'm getting pops on some of these cuts, but not all. and now also on other cuts from samples on other tracks, those are usually on the downbeat and when there are a bunch of clips/samples starting on the downbeat, like a new section, the software glitches out badly.


answered Apr 27 '16 at 00:19 by gunslunglow (121)


THIS-IS-A-COMMENT (because authors of this site has no idea what they're doing)

I have same issues with cracks but under my OSX setup. Increasing buffer size (from auto to let's say 1024) helps for part of these crackling sounds. In my case - i use a lot of raw analog audio samples - it's very common that even with fadein/ fadeout options enabled per sample there're cracks on ends and on beginnings of sample when Bitwig is playing. It's not 100% of the tiime, but still very annoing when working on songs with more than 10 tracks...

What's really important - is that these cracks aren't hearable when exporting project audio to wav.


answered Mar 12 '16 at 16:09 by dmilith (88)

Also bigger buffer == bigger latencies. IMHO - "auto" option/feature should do something to avoid these cracklings?

  — (Mar 12 '16 at 16:40) dmilith

I had this problem with Ableton Live, I solved it: the problem was about clock sync to external device, try to exclude midi devices from setup - I'm not pro in Bitwig so I can not explain more on this - just try to play around midi clock


answered Mar 12 '16 at 17:51 by jinek (132)

edited Mar 12 '16 at 17:52


I have several daws including protools and from my experience even my smallest tracks using software Asio Pseudo drivers tracks can become a horrible mess of static and artifacts. If you are using hardware interface then you may want to review your system resources and your workflow.

You say you use loads of samples, samples are true ram hogs. If you are using allot of samples consider that they are hogging system ram and increasing your Ram will help end the crackles. Also, having a second hdd to keep samples on will also help eliminate the artifacts since the drive your OS is on works less to retrieve samples while operating the sequencer.

Ways around ram and hdd problems is that you can bounce many samples into fewer single tracks to lighten the load on the pc. VST instrument and effects use more CPU cycles than ram, so the same would be true for larger synths and effects, better processor or less voices.

This sounds more like a system problem not BWS. If you are not hearing the crackling after rendering it is simply because your system can take the time needed to calculate the render of the track without having to overwork itself to also live render the sounds to your audio card and monitors.


answered Apr 26 '16 at 02:52 by LFO (50)

edited Apr 26 '16 at 13:37

I have 32GiB RAM on my workstation. Don't use Windows at all. With all problems I've experienced with Windows DirectAudio/ASIO hell, I won't even comment it, cause it's traumatic ;)

In my case, setting bigger buffer size (not auto) helped with crackling issues. I have external clock set to Komplete Audio 6. Recording / playing with 96kHz/24bit without any problems at all since using this setup.

Personally, i'd suggest building hackintosh (if price of real mac isn't an option). You can also try Linux with JACKD-MP/OSS4 audio, but i wouldn't recommended that for beginners :)


answered Apr 26 '16 at 17:24 by dmilith (88)

I'm good I was just trying to help troubleshoot. I am running a windows machine i7 3930k with 32gb 1866mhz Ram, several ssd's and I use an Audient id14 audio interface.

Personally I have not had problems in Bitwig, except when I chose the plugin management to have 2 sandboxes one for 32bit and one 64bit instead of per each plugin. (I didn't understand clearly what those settings meant) I have since gone to manage each plugin as its own service, and no issues since then.

I have plenty of processing and ram headroom and use allot of waves plugins but my PC is built specifically for audio and as a Daw (Protools HD) so in Bitwig it was a settings issue for me.

I wonder, how does bitwig handle samples, this is more out of curiosity.

If I drag a sample to my arrangement and it creates an audio track are those samples taking advantage of 64bit platform and have access to my extra memory or are they limited to the gui being 32bit environment? Another question I would have is the Bitwig native Sampler plug 32 or 64bit?



answered Apr 26 '16 at 18:06 by LFO (50)

edited Apr 26 '16 at 18:10

Im also having this popping and crackling issue. it seems to be related to when the play cursor goes over the edges of audio events. its not related to the audio event itself popping, its like the whole system can't handle the visuals or something and pops. even if the track is disabled it is still causing a pop. these pops are not present in the audio export as stated above, but it is becoming a nightmare to work with. especially with clients, "all those pops and momentary cutouts right when the song gets to the chorus/drop are not actually there, its just the software shitting the bed, it won't be there in the bounce i promise.." i can't figure out how to fix this and have tried everything i know how to do, i have only narrowed down that i don't think it is being caused by any of the standard things that we think cause pops, asio settings, buffer settings, bad edits, etc..


answered Apr 26 '16 at 23:34 by gunslunglow (121)

edited Apr 26 '16 at 23:36

I am going to try this to see if I experience the same, I have not used many samples yet so have not noticed.


answered Apr 27 '16 at 00:11 by LFO (50)

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