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Is there a general request for change and/or feature request list where users can vote for changes?

It would be a win-win situation. For bitwigHQ AND the end-user. Users can bring in feature requests or changes (modded ofcourse) and you can share this list with end-users who can vote for features/changes. This way you know what lives in the user community without have to read all those posts at different forums and the end-user has something to say as well. Just a thought though...

haven't seen one and I don't believe there is one. It is very nice to see Bitwig's vision and use it. There is the support email address that you can send suggestions and bug reports to. I think it is important for us to share both bugs and workflow issues. We all make music differently in the end..or at least want to.


answered Jan 19 '14 at 05:29 by ratsnake (211)

I second this, it would be a great idea. Of course Bitwig can decide to do whatever they waint but I feel like having a list that the community can add to and vote on will help Bitwig really know what it is people want and also undoubtedly reduce the amount of redundant feature request e-mails they must be getting.


answered Jul 11 '14 at 00:27 by Andreilg (96)

Third this! I want to know what's being worked on. I think the users should have a voice in what gets implemented (especially some sorely missing features coming from other DAWs). We did pay a hefty sum in support of the company and the vision to have a new DAW with modern features. And they are great. But there are still some things very critical to get implemented (I think the 1.1 update will help a lot, but still...).


answered Nov 04 '14 at 03:31 by kzantow (346)

Voting for bugfixes would be great


answered Nov 04 '14 at 11:28 by nbot (11)

Hi, This would be a request for a modification on the limit of the speed of the lfo in the lfo mod. The goal of a larger limit speed would be to use lfo mod as a modulator oscillator on polysynth being the carrier and playing with say the phase(PM) or the pitch(FM) and the gain(AM) of the oscillator. Preferably there could be a keytrack option so the oscillator could change according to note signal effectivally making the user able to have a FM, AM and PM synth( we already have and RM mod). I do not not if it would be hard to implement if not it would be I think a big plus for the users. Is this feasible ?

Goodday too all,



answered Sep 28 '15 at 19:05 by Mundusnine (11)

This is a great idea!


answered Mar 11 '16 at 08:53 by dharit (81)

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