asked Mar 02 '16 at 03:32 by catfratty (11)

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has any success creating this style of step sequencing--I'm basically looking to use my Ableton Push like an old Roland drum machine, i.e. I want it to lock to a 16 bar clip size that I can record drum pattern and parameter changes over a progression.

I've had some success routing sequencing data from one 16 bar clip to another track recording below it but in order to access the parameters I have to toggle down to the track I am recording to--and if I want to edit the sequence again, I have to toggle back up. May sound trivial, but when you're recording on the fly it's a real pain in the butt. I could record sequencing and parameters separately, but that would remove the spontaneity of this approach.

I am also using Jurgen's script for the Push, so maybe this a feature?

I am not sure if I understand what you want to do. Are you saying you want to modify a clip and directly record the changes in the arranger? If this is the case, it's what I regulary do: - Create a clip and turn on the clip overdub (Shift+Record on Push or use the New button) - Also enable recording on the clips track and start arranger recording - If you modify now the clip via the sequencer or by playing it will be both recorded in the clip and in the arranger - If you want to keep a state of the clip simply duplicate it

Hope that helps.


answered Mar 02 '16 at 09:17 by moss (143)

Thanks for your response. I tried this but it's the same result that I've been getting. Essentially, when I load in a clip and try to record the clip to the arranger, the arranger starts recording the first clip state I have and treats it as a loop. For example, if I had nothing in the clip to start with, the arranger will record a loop of nothing and won't record anything I punch into the Push's drum sequencer. However, if I stop arrange recording and start recording again, it'll record the new state of the clip but again as a loop that I can't change in real time. Sorry if this is confusing.

  — (Mar 02 '16 at 17:24) catfratty

You are right. However, that's not a big problem. Simply start the clip again which you modified and the new state will be recorded.

  — (Mar 05 '16 at 08:55) moss

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