asked Mar 02 '16 at 06:23 by captavadate (11)

I'm running Windows 10 insider edition, and most instances when i go to try and close Bitwig it gives me a notification sound and refuses to shut down until I force it to in task manager. Any fixes?

Best wishes, J

I am having this exact same problem in Linux-ubuntu 15.10 and bitwig 1.3.6. I haven't been able to fix this yet either....seemed to start after I upgraded to 1.3.6. Which version are you using? I thought it was a linux thing but might be the latest bitwig....


answered Mar 07 '16 at 21:20 by ptelmer (51)

I am using 1.3.6. Looks like it's bitwig's problem...

  — (Mar 08 '16 at 00:26) captavadate

Yup. I just rolled back to 1.3.4, and problem solved...closes everytime with no error either by closing window or file->quit.


answered Mar 08 '16 at 03:47 by ptelmer (51)

Will give it a shot. Thank you!

  — (Mar 08 '16 at 04:08) captavadate

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