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So I recently bought the Arturia Producer pack online from American Music Supply and forked an extra 60 bucks over for overnight shipping considering I had waited almost 10 years to spring for the mobile studio setup I am building, and having recently learned about a fresh and affordable new DAW BitWig, I was eager to create, build up, tear down and make noise. when the overnight package arrived a week later I was overjoyed and my skin tingled to the beat of the tracks I was about to lay down as my heart thumped in time, 158 beats per minute. Unpacked and ready to break it or it in, I typed in my serial number 1 capital letter or digit at a time until I positively and 100 percent checked and double checked to make sure it was right before hitting the almighty enter button. "There was a error processing your request. This is probably a temporary glitch ..." and encouraged me to try again in a bit and if it still didnt work to contact Support at Ok, no worries. I am a patient guy. Well I am still here, browsing the Q&A hoping I will catch what I have most likely and hopefully overlooked. Support did finally get back to me yesterday but asking for more detail on exactly when the error occured etc For the record it happens right when you push enter in the activation box with four blank entries for the four digit sections of the serial number. I am trying to activate on 1.3.6 here, or whatever this latest is and almost was going to try avtivating on 1.0 but somehow only have 2 activations left according to my account with zero computers activated. Today is day four, and this sucks. Sorry to drag it out but whats a guy to do....? anything or any advice is appreciated, however I would like to not have to use another activation if one somehow worked but didnt encode or key or whatever the hell happens. Thanks again..

I have a brand new Surface Pro (the no number i5 beast). And I still get glitches when I use Tyrell N6 and various other VSTs. Instead of having a deserved holiday, I seemed to have spent £3000 on equipment which is barely better than an iPad. I say that because the iPad just worked. Never glitched. And I spent a vastly more preparation of time doing music rather than doing these forum things and watching 20 minute installation videos and then realising that it's the wrong update. Absolutely gutted. Getting Omnisphere soon but if it can't handle TyrellN6 then it will likely melt when us even hears Omnisphere mentioned. And I am so close to the usual...LET DOWN BY THE DEVELOPERS. It's like would I sell a song that wasn't finished? How do developers (only a small proportion are serious offenders and usually the Ines who state "musicians first" in their ads) get away with this crap. Another analogy...Food. The ingredients are printed on the product in all manner of ways. Why don't the devs state what computers work with their software? Even my brand new SP gets issues within a few simple tracks.


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Through the years I have chased glitches in Logic, ableton live on a mac, then in bitwig on a top of the line xps dell laptop. The one thing I did on the mac after a lot of effort, changing hd out to ssd, maxing out memory, learning to freeze tracks, other things was add a secondary external hard drive (Thunderbolt 2). Moved as many libraries to that as I could, omnisphere included. The resource usage deal in logic dropped dramatically. I could watch it peg out before the added drive all the time often until the point Logic would just stop. Seeing it never peg again after this reconfiguration.

When I moved off of the I7 macbook pro to an I7 dell laptop running bitwig, after I purchased kontakt ultimate and I immediately found myself in glitch hell again. Sooo... I just added a secondary SSD external drive to this box. Right now its running connected via usb 3.0, the glitches are non existent and my resource usage in the bitwig graph deal have been cut in half. I added this drive setup via a thunderbolt 3 case and am waiting for my dell thunderbolt 3 docking station to come in to really increase the drive throughput. Tomorrow I hope.

I suspect that most of the conversations about glitches would be over in a second with secondary drives. The fundamental problem is sata and esata read or write, they do not read and write and no matter how beefy the box typically with such a drive intensive activity as playing a song in a DAW is, the HDD's inability to read AND write is the culprit most of the time, the bottleneck. So, you add a secondary drive, even 3.0 usb might get you there, have the DAW use the OS Drive for DAW and temp files, pull everything else and write your project to the secondary drive. Now you are reading and writing more often at the same time and I bet your glitches pretty much go away...

FYI: i5's really do bog down quicker than i7's even old i7's. 5400 RPM drives are really slow compared to 7200. SSD's when they get almost full slow way down too. From my experience watching resource meters so much omnisphere and trillian seem to be really good about being resource light...Kontakt, a known resource hog on some instruments.


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I wouldn't gauge your glitches via TyrellN6, it doesn't have a multi-core switch like the paid-for u-he plugins which dramatically improve their efficiency. All the u-he plugins are relatively heavy on my system till you hit the multi-core switch. An i7 processor would have been the better choice for its ability to handle threads better. What you can do is make sure you've set your sample rate and buffer to something reasonable too; too little buffer and you'll get glitches, too much and you'll have undesired input lag. The higher the sample rate, the more CPU BWS will use (you'll likely want to stick to 44.1/48.0kHz). The suggestions by rondixsyscom are good too; I keep my DAW and samples separate from my OS drive, and it'd likely help to store plug-ins separately too, though I store them to their default locations for convenience.


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