asked Mar 07 '16 at 23:52 by brucethehoon (231)


Looking at other threads, I'm seeing a theme, and as of today, I'm forced to NOT use Bitwig for most projects after seeing how iffy the clock really is. I had it checked against three different precision clock sources, and it's as much as 4bpm off on average. I was wondering why it just never seemed to match up with so much of my gear.

A couple years ago, there was talk about doing this, but it doesn't seem to have some to anything.

For now, I'm back to Ableton (which sucks, because I truly VERY MUCH prefer the workflow of Bitwig. Please do give us some news on this front. Thanks!

^ This. And basic SysEx pass thru support as well please!


answered Sep 21 '16 at 01:55 by wygonjinn (221)

I've had a Bigwig license for about two years now I think, but have opened it maybe ten times in total - mostly to check if this feature has been included. It never has, and the question seems to be stonewalled by the Bigwig team. It would be nice to get a definitive answer if it's ever going to be implemented.


answered Apr 21 '16 at 17:47 by Magneson (46)

yes u can have midi clock in.,,,,,,,but it wont work properly...u need to go back to notator to see a good stable midi ...or ableton which works perfectly... as real embarrassment for bitwig coders,,,,,,,,


answered Mar 13 at 08:46 by lukecorey1 (11)

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