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Looking at other threads, I'm seeing a theme, and as of today, I'm forced to NOT use Bitwig for most projects after seeing how iffy the clock really is. I had it checked against three different precision clock sources, and it's as much as 4bpm off on average. I was wondering why it just never seemed to match up with so much of my gear.

A couple years ago, there was talk about doing this, but it doesn't seem to have some to anything.

For now, I'm back to Ableton (which sucks, because I truly VERY MUCH prefer the workflow of Bitwig. Please do give us some news on this front. Thanks!

^ This. And basic SysEx pass thru support as well please!


answered Sep 21 '16 at 01:55 by wygonjinn (281)

+1 Is there any way to sync Bitwig properly to another DAW? If not, than I am out. I am using this Bitwig occassionally since version 1.x I love the workflow. I love Bitwig. But now I want to do serious work and not being stopped from simple things anymore. So I need either Rewire, or another way to sync to another (more professional) DAW. At least for my high quality plugins, that are not being loaded in Bitwig since version 2.5. Ableton Link would also be fine for me. Or Jack Transport Control. Or whatever kind of technology there is out there...


answered Mar 28 '19 at 17:00 by micsinger (11)

Ableton Link and Jack is suported. But no transport control afaik.


answered Mar 29 '19 at 08:26 by audiunt (40)

What about Midi Time Code (MTC) ?


answered Mar 29 '19 at 13:55 by micsinger (11)

Hmm. I also truely worry about ths midi-clock stuff, but i do not really get the point yet. I have just figured out how to sync Digital Performer with Bitwig over Midi. It seems to work fine, as long as I use Bitwig for Midi only. Transport sync and BPM Adjustments also do work. With Audio Routing I had no luck yet. Sure, I have to make further testings, to see if a midi note played in DP is truely in time with a midi note coming from Bitwig. I am not totally sure about this. But Digital Performer offers good Midi Drivers and Clocking. So Bitwig should be able to follow this. So where is the point exactly? Maybe the Sync Problems that you experience are on the audio-signal side? What do you mean, when you say Bitwig is an echo system? Thanks!


answered Apr 07 '19 at 11:51 by micsinger (11)

ok for anyone who is confused about this issue of midi clock timing. let me say I am not referring to using BW on the same platform as the DAW. I have my main DAW on one pc (studio one 4) which is where all audio data ends up for arrangement and mixing / mastering. In the past I used Ableton live on a seperate PC as a sound design tool. This i had set up to receive midi clock from S1 in slave mode. This allows me to hit start in S1 which also starts ableton live sequencer, beautifully.... from the audio card on the ableton box i have a stereo pair coming out and into my DAW inputs, usually SPDIF but analog is fine too. ....... so here is how to test it.... a midi lead from DAW to BW midi input.....2 computers DAW is sending midi clock and BW is receiving midi clock. arm the BW sequencer using the button on file line above. have both sequencers with metronome turned on...... when u hit spacebar on DAW you will hear both from BW input and one from DAW. You will notice that the time of start is not only intermittent, but the BW clock runs at about 2 thirds the rate of the DAW clock. COMPLETELY UNUSABLE..... as BW chases the incoming clock you can see its tempo mark fluctuating wildly as it tries to follow. This happens at any tempo and any time sig....... Bitwig support do not respond to my enquiries about this because they know they have a big dog in the works and this should be in the original code of the program........ it is a deal breaker for very many people who use multiple machines.... just to clear up any misunderstanding.....ableton link is a protocol exclusive to ableton live and not applicable here.....i have even tried RTPmidi over ethernet.......exactly the same problem.....BW is not written to follow clock well.... jb


answered Apr 07 '19 at 23:33 by blissbomb (11)

blissbomb, the general scenario was already quite clear, but thank you the same for made it more clear.

I have connected my bitwig studio to my kurzweil pc3k7 using an usb cable, setup bitwig to slave to midi clock, made my kurz output midi clock and run a sequence on both. I have to say that bitwig follows quite nicely. No problem with 2/3 or any fraction of speed.

Next try I will use my motu microexpress to generate the clock and slave both.. I guess that with a precise hardware clock generator thing will be better.

You might try something similar, surely you have a motu timepiece or another digital synchronizer for midi/smpte. I guess the jitter is going to be minimal with those machines.

Looks like a useful upgrade tome, in any case. You might also record an smpte sync signal in your daw, like in the old good times of tape recording... aahhhh memories.....




answered Apr 08 '19 at 02:34 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

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