asked Mar 08 '16 at 05:03 by jinek (132)

Hi everyone. I want to discuss the subj and suggest bitwig team some improvements:

  1. Possibility to set start and end positions of the clip
  2. In editor one tap should not create the note - only double tap. But pen should create as is.
  3. Additional buttons on radial menu are not very comfortable, better to open next radial sub-menu (after hold - first menu is opened, move finger to over special button opens next menu - also it can be repeated, so you can do big hierarchies if needed)
  4. Pen's bottom button should work as eraser (like in OneNote)
  5. Pen's second button should work as selection (like in OneNote)
  6. Touch with two fingers over controls should always do scroll, because sometimes you put two fingers in devices zone but instead of scrolling change parameters (especially with EQ), so I think since second finger touched the screen - no parameters can be changed - only scrolling

p.s. At all I awesome glad to see such cool DAW working on tablets, great experience, less time on tweaking

  1. context menu should be accessible via radial menu

answered Mar 08 '16 at 06:12 by jinek (132)

8.. + Multiple clips selection, I think it can be done by allowing select using radial menu. Now clip can be selected from radial menu, but it resets previous clip selection


answered Mar 08 '16 at 21:56 by jinek (132)

9.+ Context menu over tracks in mixer - now it is impossible to group the tracks for example


answered Mar 08 '16 at 23:04 by jinek (132)

    • Modulation envelope points inside clip can't be moved by finger, actually they can only be created, nothing more, so impossible to work with envelopes now

answered Mar 12 '16 at 17:07 by jinek (132)

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