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When you have let's say 5 analog audio tracks, each with vst (guitar rig/ kontakt) and you hit ?B (bounce in place) for each audio track at once, Bitwig should bounce one by one - in the worst case.

But what it does is a total chaos and producing random failures.

  1. For some of these tracks BW removed sample, but forgot about putting bounced data - Data loss. I checked twice and that saved my day..

  2. For some tracks bounce interrupted after a couple seconds, and removed sample as well. Empty sample. Undo again...

  3. One sample was bounced. I was lucky?

So the thing is, Bitwig has some crazy problems with concurrency - why concurrency?

I can crash audio engine on my project.. just by hitting a play button. Is this a joke? I wish that! Just create several audio tracks, put vst, some devices, and right after audio engine starts with your project hit play. UI will freeze, and you can safely go kill Bitwig cause you won't be able to do anything here. No cpu usage as well (smell deadlock)

Why I merged two issues in one? Cause it looks like related issue - some race condition with VST plugins loosing audio data while bouncing? Didn't do reverse engineering yet -_-

Under v2 it's better with bouncing multiple tracks.. except it's sometimes bouncing a track.. too fast.. and Bitwig2 is telling me "no track found" (right after bounce). Undo, rebounce.. and "it works".

Race condition ladies and gentlemen - BW2 developers :)


answered Aug 07 '17 at 11:59 by dmilith (88)

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