asked Mar 17 '16 at 18:43 by gkillmaster (167)

Is this a bug?

If I select a MIDI clip in the inspector and do a Scale 50%, it has the same behavior wether or not the clip is looping. The manual suggests that if the clip is not looping, it just scales the length of the clip in half whereas, if you have the clip looping, it stretches or compresses the data. As of 1.3.8 RC4, no matter wether the clip is looping or not, it stretches the clips contents. Is this a bug, or is the manual wrong about the behavior?

thanks for clarification!

Yes there is a bug here, I up this tread, this one need an answer from developers!


answered Aug 14 '17 at 00:11 by adtone (31)

edited Aug 14 '17 at 00:12

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