asked Mar 18 '16 at 23:25 by BlackHoleNFO (298)

Can anybody help me with short HowTo, how i make my own designed Samples from recording external stuff? This stuff should be as a PACK inside Bitwigs Sampler, Bitwig Drummachine and other Sample Tools.

Recording is not the main problem, i have my samples recorded from external modular system and now i will cut, design my sounds and safe it in my own collection or favorites. Then i have the PACK and need this PACK inside Sampler/Drummaschine.

if ready designed, i want to export maybe as wav all in one, or drag and drop samples, with tags in the browser, for later using this stuff. Don´t now about differencies.

I want to make Bitwig more special for me, to use more my own stuff and want to use more "favorites" and "collection".

Thx very much.

I think i will do this like the way to make tracks. So i make a Project "modular sampling" Then recording stuff an design the same way inside the Project. Exporting WAV or similar in my own folder. Is this best way, to find fast and use it fast? Whats about droping the stuff in the Browser and make it "favorite" if i want or save sample packs for an instrument? I was trying to drop Audio inside Sampler but this is not happens. is a bit complicated walktrough.

Hi there,

I think I know what you're trying to do - here's how I do it, perhaps that'll help you? You don't need to do step 4), you can right click and Bounce the ones you select.

BitWig by default will save all of these bounces into the project directory - I think you can change this somehow. Anyway, in the browser there is a tab to view all the files from a particular project. You can just use that to search - instead of using the tags.

I hope some of this helps.

alt text


answered Mar 23 '16 at 05:52 by MellowVenom (309)


Thx for this...i will try this later....i don´t understand the "favorites" Folder, this looks like to favorite samples or somthing only for one Projekt...but i want to fav all the stuff i use...hnmmm :/

  — (Apr 10 '16 at 01:11) BlackHoleNFO

You can favourite any sample or clip or whatever within the browser and it will always show up in your favourites. This is done by selecting the little star on the right of the sample/clip/whatever.

  — (Apr 11 '16 at 05:00) MellowVenom

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