asked Mar 19 '16 at 23:32 by MellowVenom (299)

Hi everyone,

  1. Has anyone figured out a way/is there an easy way to bounce all the cuts in a multisampler separately?

Say I slice a break to a multisample, then add some effects and change the ADSR settings on the sampler and that - I'm now left with an instrument track that triggers each sample individually. I'd like to take a bunch of slices from the track around with me on my MPC or something (I know I can chop like this on the MPC already...)- normally, I'd have to delete each note/re-export each one on it's own, but is there a way to bounce all these cuts to different files in one move?

  1. Is there a way to customise the file naming conventions when you export multiple tracks of audio?

I see three options currently: ("Directory/Name" etc. right at the top of the export menu), but I'd ideally like to be able to have a uniform prefix and suffix, with the assigned track name and number in the middle if that makes sense: 'prefix'track name in Bitwig'number'_'suffix' or rather 'MyBWProject_Drums_01_DetailsAndStuff'

Not sure if I'm just missing something obvious - thanks in advance.

Here's my current workaround for Problem 1 - it's not so bad, I guess?

1) alt text

Select your drum machine or whatever you need to bounce everything from.

2) alt text

Using the pen tool or your input of choice, place notes across the entire kit. If you plan to do this multiple times, then it's useful to save this clip as a template.

3) alt text

This is the long bit - drag each pad from the original drum machine into a new channel. Unfortunately it seems if you select multiple drum pads it only allows them to be grouped together into another machine. However, when you copy a single pad, the MIDI information triggering it from the template will come into the new channel with it, which is good.

At this point, you can simply select everything and right click to bounce, then just locate the appropriate files in your directory. However, if for some reason, like me, you have a specific need and you can't do it that way, you do this:

4) alt text

Make sure your loop region is past the decay of the longest sample (this doesn't work so well for samples of vastly varying lengths), highlight the appropriate channels, then Export Audio.

I appreciate that this is pretty long-winded. I'd be really pleased for someone to show up here and tell me there's a way simpler way and I'm just being really dim, but perhaps this will be useful for others trying to figure out a way to do this.


answered Mar 23 '16 at 05:34 by MellowVenom (299)

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