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Hey guys , i have a question about Routing . i have my Vsti and it has the stereo Output. in the device panel , my problem is when i add and fx , both of left and right channel goes to it. i want my left channel get some fx and my right channel gets another Fx separately. (remember i dont want i pan L+R on left and i add some fx for it and like this for Right , i want stereo style keeps because of some multihumanazition and more features)

if i want to explore my question , in most of Daws like reaper , studio one and ... every fx has input channels. i can choose which channel goes on my vst. but i didnt find this stereo routing feature in Bitwig.

anyone can help ? thanks

Hi, interesting question...

I worked on your case, and also tried using Bitwig's tool device versus third party VST ("Hornet track utility", "Melda Utility" and others are OK for splitting stereo signal). I made a sound with two very different channels and it appears that the Tool device can do the job to get either L or R channel data only.

As for the pan knobs usage, to get an equivalent perception as the source sound, I would say:

  • layers' knobs at center
  • tools' knobs pan to the full side for each to actually separate the stereo channel in two "mono" signals.

This way, you should get the same stereo field as as the original sound. Then you can tweak the layer knobs to change the stereo image.

A concern about volume: it gets increased because the layers are FX and not "real routing". Layers are mixed with the source volume. In other word, the Tools volume will stack up with the source, as simple as they are. Just be aware of this if you have already started the mixing of your song.

There are Bitwig devices that allows FX chains on splitted frequencies but not one for stereo split. I think I will send a feature request because I don't really like this volume changing and using the Tool device is a workaround, in my humble opinion.

Last word, and correct me if I am wrong, most DAWs would imply using two tracks where we can do parallel processing in Bitwig with one track, using the FX layers.


answered Mar 25 '16 at 12:37 by pakunoda (956)

Your statement about Reaper raised my curiosity (I started using it for some friends projects 2 months ago) and I had an hour testing the plugin routing in a single track... Very informative, I'm glad you wrote about it. Then I got back to BWS trying to achieve the same results.

The goal: 1 sample in "dual mono" (bass on the left, drum on the right), followed by EQ on the bass, delay on the drum, then swap the channels to mix with the main source so in that the end, we hear bass and drums in the two channels with different processing (left = EQ'd bass + dry drums, right = delayed drums + dry bass).

In Reaper I managed it with inner channel routing (last plugin in the chain was a JS mixer), in Bitwig I used 3 layers and tweaked the gain knobs. I think I succeeded though I didn't get the exact same sound. I was more interested in the routing challenge. And I figured that you may not really need to use Tool. You may simply start with the FX that you need and hard pan it. In my case, my layers were :

  • tool (hard panned to left), eq-5
  • tool (hard panned to right), delay-1
  • mda Image to swap the channels of the original source (third party VST, I could not figure how to achieve it with BWS own device)

I simplified it this way

  • eq-5 hard panned to left
  • delay-1 hard panned to right
  • mda Image

Also, I used Bitwig's Oscilloscope to check if there was any channel bleeding. There was none, so I conclude that Tool was not useful in this scenario. A final adjustment using the layers gain did the trick.


answered Mar 25 '16 at 18:26 by pakunoda (956)

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ok , i found how to do that with and fx layer and 2 tools.

but my next question is after adding thos tools as chains inside of layer we have 4 pan knob. 2 on layer and 2 in the inside of the tools.

what is diffrent of those knobs ? i want to clear my mind. because for spliting those to 2 mono we need to pan all of 4 knobs.


answered Mar 24 '16 at 17:22 by hamin94 (16)

Thanks @pakunoda your answer cleared my mind. but for the last paragraph i just tested reaper and bitwig and studio one , all of them can do parallel processing with one track and Reaper can do nXn processing in one track.


answered Mar 25 '16 at 12:48 by hamin94 (16)

@pakunoda after getting my goal by tools , i just tried the same thing. i removed tools and i panned effects.result was stereo but multihumanization from my vsti (natural fail of syncing the guitar on the left and right) didnt worked. that was why i asked about knobs.

so now that we are talking about reaper and bitwig , i just noticed i have a problem with bitwig's piano roll , its not interesting when u must switch object tool and write tool , specially when u cant increase length of a note with pen tool. but the power of bitwig is its compatibilty and flexibility layouts with my small resolution.addition to this earlier i thought GUI and appearance is nothing , i talked to my self i am not kid to care about design , but after a while i noticed its boring when u work with it a bit.

however thanks for answering my question.


answered Mar 25 '16 at 19:39 by hamin94 (16)

Using Bitwig 1.3.8, I can change the length of notes without switching from the pen marker, hovering the left or right boundary of a note. AFAIR, it was added a few revisions ago.

  — (Mar 26 '16 at 08:43) pakunoda

answered Oct 30 '19 at 06:45 by cvs (11)

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