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Actually, it seems not possible to assign multiple controllers to a same track. Suppose I assign controller C1 to a given track T1 within the inspector panel that contains a Hardware Instrument plug-in. All MIDI messages sent by C1 are transmitted to the instrument. Now, I create another track T2 with nothing, I just assign controller C2 to it. I then add a "Note Receiver" to track T1 and I configure it to use T2 as source. The MIDI messages generated with C2 are correctly sent to the instrument, but not those of controller C1. In other terms, the "Note Receiver" plug-in blocks incoming MIDI messages (or it doesn't manage them). It would be nice if this could be avoided. Two solutions could be implemented: 1. Directly assign multiple controllers to a track. 2. Add an option in the "Note Receiver" plug-in to forward the MIDI messages it receives (either from the controller assign to that track and/or another "Note Receiver" plug-in before in the chain).

It will also be nice to associate to a "FX Hardware" plug-in a MIDI Out interface and channel options. In fact, many FX hardware can be controlled by MIDI. Actually, I create a separate track dedicated to the FX hardware but I use an "External Instrument" plug-in (so I can control it through MIDI). For the tracks that need this FX hardware, I send their output to the input of the FX hardware (within my sound card). It works but is not elegant because I have a multiply tracks.

If both options were implemented, it should be possible to have a single track with a hardware instrument and a FX hardware, both being configured by two different controllers!

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