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How can I make the Nektar Panorama / Bitwig integration work on Linux? The installer I got from Nektar's site (after registering) only contains a PDF manual and a couple of Windows EXE files which I am supposed to run. There are no .js files, ZIP archives or anything else included. The "Nektar" section on BitWig site also has no scripts, just a link to Nektar's site.

This is Justin from Nektar tech support. This page was just brought to my attention. Our Bitwig integration for Panorama and Impact series controllers will work in Linux as it does in Windows/OSX. This has been the case since December, 2014. We don't provide a Linux installer on the website, so please contact Nektar support for details.


answered Apr 12 '17 at 18:07 by justin3am (26)

Thanks for your reply, justin3m. However, in may 2016, I received the following reply from "" (I quote): "You can use Panorama with Bitwig and Linux, since Panorama is a USB class compliant device. However deep Nektar DAW integration is only possible under Windows and MacOS as it utilises a special driver developed only for these platforms." Again, this is from May 2016.

  — (Apr 12 '17 at 18:23) fuxoft

The person who responded to that message was mistaken. Panorama's Bitwig integration works the same in Linux as it does in Windows/OSX. The only features of Panorama which are not supported in Linux are the QWERTY macro features and the ability to switch between Rewired DAWs. Please direct any questions about compatibility to our support system:

  — (Jun 02 '17 at 19:17) justin3am

UPDATE: Nektar support has answered my e-mail and explained that Panorama / Bitwig deep integration is only available for Windows and MacOS. Furthermore, the PC->Panorama communication protocol cannot be published so I cannot even write my own control script for Panorama if I wanted...


answered Apr 05 '16 at 20:10 by fuxoft (10)

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What a scam! I also have Nectar Panorama P6! Why do they even CLAIM that it is integrated with Bitwig if it is not completely integrated! JESUS!!!


answered Sep 19 '16 at 16:48 by 71GA (46)

I got it working thank you. Your software is great... I wish upgrade to 2.0 was cheaper though...


answered Apr 12 '17 at 18:37 by 71GA (46)

Does anybody know if this is still the case as of June 2017?


answered Jun 02 '17 at 18:47 by eamoc (6)

Again, if you contact the Nektar Support system, we will give you controller script files and instructions for setting up Panorama with Bitwig in Linux. Panorama's deep integration has been known to work in with Bitwig under Linux, since December of 2014. I have provided the necessary files and instructions to many users since then. I will not be linking the files here, as I don't want to have to update the link in this thread each time the files get updated.

Impact controller scripts are now included with Bitwig, so Impact series controllers will be detected automatically, without any additional installation under Windows, OSX and Linux.

  • Justin Nektar Tech Support

answered Jun 02 '17 at 19:28 by justin3am (26)

Thanks Justin3am E


answered Jun 02 '17 at 19:34 by eamoc (6)

Ah, there you are, Justin. Just sent you an email.

Yes, integration works fine, but a tip for other Nektar Panorama/Bitwig Linux users: if you're using JACK then Setup> MIDI driver> set the driver drop-down menu to 'none'.

If there is a driver set in there it will lock all MIDI and USB devices will not be seen. The Panorama will be stuck in 'Internal' mode and no integration.

Set Bitwig> Settings> Audio> Driver Model to 'JACK', then close Bitwig

Launch JACK and make sure MIDI driver is set to 'none'

Switch on Panorama

Launch Bitwig

The automated slider, if you're using it, should spring to life. Good luck.

Panorama P4, Xubuntu-core 16.04 LTS, Bitwig 2.1.1, JACK 0.4.2.


answered Jun 04 '17 at 21:32 by Bucky (21)

edited Jun 04 '17 at 21:37

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