asked Apr 09 '16 at 19:33 by pfrancq (20)

Hi, I actually test a VST plug-in (Consequence from Sugar Bytes) that sends MIDI notes to until 3 separate MIDI channels. I want now to route these notes to different hardware instruments, but I cannot find how to do it : 1. I can only route the notes generated by the VST plug-in to one other track. 2. If I create a track and use an "Instrument Layer" and route the notes from the VST to it, I cannot specify different MIDI channels for the different instruments layered. I could program the VST to generate the notes in different ranges for each instrument layered, and then use a "Note Filter" and a "Note Transposition" for each one. But this is complicated while being also limiting.

In fact, a similar problem exists for MIDI controllers that manages different MIDI channels. To overcome this, some of them creates as many different inputs as possible MIDI channels. But it would be easier If a specific MIDI channel could be specify for a given track (ideally, multiple MIDI channels should be assignable, but this is perhaps to complex)

I recommend to get MidiChFilter plugin from

In fact the dev offers a full midi suite for free which can fill allot of gaps including what you are looking for.

I have been using these plugin and they function well.

Just place as the first insert to receive and last to send etc bit in either case he has instructions for all plugin and they cost nothing.


answered Apr 21 '16 at 22:33 by LFO (50)

This plug-in could solve one problem (the one with the controller) but it does only work on Windows and I use Mac. Moreover, it doesn't solve the other problem of dispatching MIDI messages generated by one track to several others.


answered Apr 23 '16 at 15:17 by pfrancq (20)

Bummer, maybe you will be able to find something Mac compatible similar to this.


answered Apr 23 '16 at 17:42 by LFO (50)

I still didn't find a solution for my problem (Bitwing on Mac). In particular, allowing to have several plug-ins receive MIDI messages from another one. Has someone an idea ? Thanks.


answered Jun 25 '16 at 22:59 by pfrancq (20)

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