asked Apr 17 '16 at 03:19 by jandyao (11)

Difficult to use the stylus pen because Bitwig Radial Gesture Menu.

If you work in a Bitwig with the stylus pen, you can see that uncomfortable.

Please add the option to turn off the Radial Gesture pop up Menu.

It would also be nice if there were a stylus option for those of us who want to use the radial gesture menu, but prefer a stylus. The second finger menu items make it very difficult to use a stylus.


answered Sep 05 '17 at 15:47 by retronomicon (81)

In Version 2.5 (maybe versions before too) you are able to "Disable pen gestures" (user interface options). In fact this option deactivates Bitwigs special finger touch stuff (that's not really good developed and more a mess than an advantage) and you are able to work with the stylus as normal as in other apps.


answered Mar 29 at 09:17 by Korn (11)

edited Mar 29 at 09:21

Option to disable radial menu for touch is needed as well. Currently it's just for pen.


answered Mar 29 at 21:31 by xiso (36)

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