asked May 13 '14 at 18:07 by konfront (101)

So quite a few times I've clicked-and-dragged a clip to loop it and the loop isn't exact. The end of the first loop contains some info from its beginning before the looped part begins. Say I played F-A-C for 4 bars and wanted to drag it out to loop there woul be a smidge of the initial attack of the the F chord which would appear before the dotted line which dentotes the looped area. Has anybody had this happen to them?

Anyway, hope I made myself clear.

I've had similar happen, but then I tweak the actual pattern, and usually it's because the notes are slightly before the bar or slightly after. Tweaking the loop helps me.


answered Oct 23 '16 at 08:12 by mrmowgli (11)

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