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So, I would not have even known this had my project not somehow changed bpm to, yes, 666. This has happened on 2 occasions, maybe I hit it, but maybe is a bug? I can say it happened on both occasions when I was importing an audio track to the arrangement and suddenly the time stretch sounded crazy fast. Upon looking I see my BPM is at 666 which is of course Max BPM.

Is this a inside BWS joke, seriously or is Satan living in my DAW. If so, I would like to make a deal.

I've experienced this too but thankfully not since the 1.3.9 update. For me it happens after a crash. I open the project that crashed and voila 666 bpm. I too wondered if it was an inside joke. Better that than a possessed rig.


answered May 30 '16 at 10:10 by Dalflatt (91)

It happened to me once as well. Thank God I wasn't experiencing a psychosis or I would have stayed away from my DAW for months.


answered Jan 06 '17 at 05:59 by sophistik (31)

Maybe people take psychedelics when using this type of software and shit like that can spoil a good trip. ? 666 bpm certainly bummed my trip out that night. Im agnostic , but neverless i have met enough people that believe that shit , so much that its not a joke . Ill never forget as a kid seeing the animal cruelty some people did " worshiping the devil" . Im sick of people thinking that shit is "cool" Im pretty sure I mentioned that such a slow bpm limit makes us unable to try fractal music . Look up an interseting Adam Neeley youtube clip regarding this , its very interesting. I would Love bitWig to be the DAW that alows Ridiculously fast BPM !!!! Love the work you do , keep it neutral , i would say something of the same vein if you changed your company logo to a Cross ;)


answered Apr 06 '19 at 08:09 by CheekoandtheMan (21)

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across the bummiverse?

  — (Apr 06 '19 at 08:14) fsciarra62

For every grain of sand , on every beach , under every ocean , on top of every desert in this planet ... there is aproximatly 1000 stars in the Universe for EACH grain of sand !!!!! Thinking this calms the superstitious part of my Mind .

  — (Apr 07 '19 at 15:24) CheekoandtheMan

lol that's funny, can't say it's ever happened to me before. Take it up to tech support?


answered May 29 '16 at 07:34 by pheelter (21)

I just turned the BPM up to full and it only went up to a puncey 666 BPM , someone at BitWig must be sucking the wrong cocks ( spiritually ) and its important for such a cutting edge DAW to , Give us the capability to take BPMs to next level , Id love to hear music at Googleplex per minute if possible and this is what BitWig should be about not 666. 666 is a number of weakness , a number people hide behind


answered Mar 26 '19 at 10:35 by CheekoandtheMan (21)

also if i find that BitWig is team illuminati , i will never pay another cent towards BitWig and it will deserve to die like the economic system we live in !


answered Mar 26 '19 at 10:40 by CheekoandtheMan (21)


Honestly I did not believe it myself.., but if you take the ebcdic code for WIG, 057, 049, 047, you sum them together and multiply by the square root of the value of BIT, which is clearly 8, you obtain the exact number by which, multipliying for the square of 666, you have to play Stevie Wonder's "Superstition" to get back to your local church and ask your "Personal Jesus" to Depeche your Mode...

Amen, my brothers and sisters,


Ps...For true bigots: I was kidding...


answered Mar 26 '19 at 14:14 by fsciarra62 (1.0k)

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Here is another advantage to not having this odd and possibly disrespectful limit of bpm. In cases where someone wants to edit the midi created by an arp. This video shows an example in Ableton where the user does what I am talking about with a faster bpm at about 2:30.


answered May 16 '19 at 01:56 by ChaosSurrendered (31)

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