asked Apr 26 '16 at 11:16 by -Chr1sMK2 (suspended)

hello !

i have a problem :

i have a instr track with hard instr. device. when i send midi clock with "generic midi clock transmitter" to my hard synth, there no crackles when playing some notes...

but when i press record on an audio track, there so much crackles recorded, generally from 1.1.1 for 4-5 bars.

if i remove the "midi clock transmitter" in prefs/controller, i have not anymore crackles at all, but the problem is my synth's LFOs are not anymore synced to host.

is there a know problem with it ? (generic midi clock transmitter)

how can i solve this ?


just to say i found why i got this problem :

like u can see i tested on cubase 7.5, i activated midi clock send to the blofeld and look now...

on first wave, its rec with no midi clock sent.... (edit: good pad <3)

on second wave, its saturated/clicked/crackled like hell....... (sync'ed by midi clock)




i contact Waldorf so they help me on this sh*ty "clocked delay FX" TOTALLY buged, even in last firmware of the Blofeld.



answered Apr 26 '16 at 21:46 by -Chr1sMK2 (suspended)

edited Apr 26 '16 at 21:53

edit: pb half solved : it's the clocked delay on the waldorf blofeld that make crackles.

but why can't record with the clk delay active ?

when transport is stopped it dont crackle/clics, but if i hit play or record it crackles.


answered Apr 26 '16 at 12:25 by -Chr1sMK2 (suspended)

edited Apr 26 '16 at 14:21

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